Our People

Our church is led by a group of men and women who form our elders and leadership team.  We also employ a Pastor and Youth and Children's Pastor.

Our Pastors

Buddy Owen

Buddy has been Pastor at Hope Church for the last seven years.  He is married to Alex and has two children, Grace and Bella.  He is from America and is a keen sports fan.  You can usually find him in a local coffee shop, as he loves people and coffee!

Jonny Brennan
Associate Pastor

Jonny has been with Hope Church for the last 5 years.  He is married to Bex and they are parents to Martha.  Jonny looks after all of the Children's and Youth work in the church.  In his spare time, you'll find him in an independent coffee shop, or playing sports!

Our Elders

Chris Rankin
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Richard Holmes
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Craig Starkey
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Alex Rankin
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Ian Woods
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Our leadership team

Alex Woods
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Andy Abernethy
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Julie Woods
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